Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are movements and physical activities designed to restore function and flexibility, improve strength and decrease pain. If you are receiving physical therapy for an injury or a chronic condition, your physical therapist may incorporate therapeutic exercises in your treatment plan.

Your physical therapist will talk with you, perform functional tests to assess your condition and work with you to develop a program of therapeutic exercises designed to promote healing and improve function.

Examples of therapeutic exercises include:

Your physical therapist will teach you the correct technique for each movement.

The type of exercise included in your care will depend on your stage of healing and physical limitations. For example, your therapist may begin with range of motion exercises, then progress to resistive exercises as your functional abilities improve.

Therapeutic exercises may be combined with other types of treatment, such as manual therapy, electrical stimulation or heat and cold therapy. Your treatment plan will progressively build as you heal and gain strength, with the ultimate goal of restoring movement, function and flexibility.