Heat Therapy


At Phywell Physiotherapy – Delhi, We take holistic approach to care and ensure convenience of accessing Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) as a part of Integrated Physio Care. Know From our Experts How Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) can benefit you and how it fits into overall Treatment Program


At Phywell Physiotherapy , Thermotherapy(heat Therapy) will be integrated with other therapies from multiple specialities to make a treatment program personalized for you & aimed to give the best results possible

Thermotherapy involves the application of Heat. The most common heating agent used in rehabilitation is a hot pack. Hot packs transfer their heat energy to the body by conduction. Superficial heat usually produces temperature elevation in the underlying tissues to a depth of up to 1cm. Adipose tissue acts as an insulating layer, which decreases the depth of heat. Commercial hot packs are canvas, usually filled with a hydrophilic substance, that is immersed in 1700F (770C), water in a thermostatically controlled heater. The packs can retain heat up to 30 minutes. With superficial heat, local metabolism is increased and local vasodilatation with hyperemia occurs. Initial vasoconstriction is produced in deep tissue layers, followed by vasodilatation. Hot packs also promote muscle relaxation a…